e-Commerce Websites

Use our experience selling hundreds of thousands of dollars of products and services.

If you are a small retailer wishing to increase your sales, a full multi-tiered company that needs assistance to dominate online, or someone that wants to enter the online marketplace, we can help.

Whether you would like to sell your product online or start to sell someone else’s, we can help you fine-tune your eCommerce strategy.

Typical client solutions can include one of a mixture of the following:

  1. Creating your own complete online store with shipping calculators, a shopping cart, promotional offers, secure payments, sales, vendor discounts and much more.

    Typical tools used are a mixture of:

    • WordPress’s easy to use CMS backend
    • WP-eCommerce
    • Paypal or your own secure checkout page
    • Canada Post/UPS or other shipping gateways
  2. Don’t want to handle shipments? We can create a storefront that takes orders but leaves the shipping and invoice tracking to your suppliers.
  3. Just want to sell other businesses products online? We can help you set up a storefront designed to sell other people’s products. You create the content and promote the products, and watch your commission payments trickle in.

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